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Guitar.com - Guitar.com is the leading site for guitar enthusiasts.

Injury Prevention Sites for Musicians

Musiciansub.com  :  Join our Social network of Musicians, Bands and Nightclubs.  Connect with other Musicians local to you.  Find paying gigs for your band, local musicians to jam with, or a musician for your project.

A Chiropractic Testimonial from performing artist George Benson

Paul Marxhausen's site: http://www.engr.unl.edu/eeshop/music.html

Nick Quarrier's site: www.healthymusicianworkshop.com

http://www.freeingthecagedbird.com. Dedicated to injury
preventive keyboard technique, this site features the internationally
acclaimed, award-winning video "Freeing the Caged Bird" and
information about pianist Barbara Lister-Sink's method of retraining
injured keyboardists.

Musicians site for RSI discussion;  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RSIandMusicians  
Description from the list moderator, Rachel Bratton: I am not a health care professional of any kind, Just an injuried
pianist/flutist who noticed the need for musicians to be able to talk to other musicians in the same situations as their own.

Musculoskeletal Problems in Musicians: http://gopher.tmn.com:70/0/Artswire/csa/arthazards/performing/musicians

Dr. Jameson's office web site: http://www.jamesonchiro.com Has information about the Bayshore Chiropractic Holistic Center for Performing Arts Injuries in Castro Valley, CA.  Offers a complete holistic and conservative approach to diagnosing and healing musician-related injuries.

MUSE-Muse is dedicated to providing various technological solutions to musicians--primarily acoustic guitarists and vocalists -- that we hope will inspire their performances: http://www.museweb.com/

Playing the Piano, Playing...With Fire? by Jonas Sen http://rvik.ismennt.is/~jssen/musmed.html

The American Tinnitis Association - providing information on prevention of hearing difficulties and articles related to hearing problems. http://www.ata.org

H.E.A.R.  "Hearing Education Awareness for Rockers" An excellent site on hearing issues for the musician.  Lots of great articles and links! http://www.hearnet.com

Johnson String Instruments: Overuse Injuries: http://www.johnson-inst.com/injuries.htm

F-1 Guitar Pick: a new pick that is said by some doctors to reduce fatigue in the hand and arm while playing: http://www.bigrockeng.com/

The Alexander Technique: The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique at www.alexandertechnique.com.    Links provided to all Alexander Technique resources, including a whole section for musicians, in a user-friendly way. Another great site about books on the Alexander Technique: www.mtpress.com

An Alexander Technique practitioner and author    www.pedrodealcantara.com

Medical Sites regarding Performing Artists

Performing Arts Medicine Association: http://www.artsmed.org

International Arts Medicine Association: http://members.aol.com/iamaorg/index.html

Performing Arts Medicine at Ithaca College: http://www.ithaca.edu/hshp/pt/pt1/

British Performing Arts Medical Trust: http://www.cygnet.co.uk/BPAMT/

Musician magazine sites

Music Alive! - http://www.musicalive.com   (music education magazine)

Women Who Rock - http://www.womenwhorockmag.com

Guitar One - http://www.guitaronemag.com

Home Recording - http://www.homerecording.com

Please visit these music-related web sites who have provided links to Musician's Health

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Judicael StringsJudicael Strings
Makers, Repairers and Dealers of Violins, Electric Violins and Guitars
UK Agent for Jordan Electric Violins


TAXI: the leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.


The Ultimate Music Artist Resource http://www.artistopia.com .
Artistopia is the first company that delivers a clear, potent, and qualified strategy
for artists and music industry professionals to come together under one roof and speak one
language - potential success! Music artists of all genres- join today!

classicalmusic.gr A greek site for classical musicians

http://www.singersong.com/! Dedicated to linking unsigned
and independent artists with the best singer and songwriter resources

Just-for-musicians.com is different from every other music site on the web, because it deals with all four aspects of the music industry to help make you a complete musician.

Title: TeachList.com
URL: http://www.teachlist.com 
Desc: Large international database of music teachers.
For all instruments, locations, ages, styles and skill levels.

The Virtual Pianoshop, The UK's Premier Piano Website

Piano Lessons by Quiescence Music
Learn to play in the New Age style with these online lessons for beginning adults.

UK Piano Page- links to different piano-related sites: http://www.uk-piano.org/index.html

Netguitar.com- a full service sales and repair shop specializing in Vintage Instruments by Gibson, Fender, Martin and many others: http://www.netguitar.com

Applause Music Careers-Learn how to start an exciting career in the music and entertainment production touring industry! We cover it all, from performing and artist
management to sound, light, and technical production: http://www.cnvi.com/applause

Bass Tab Archive: http://www.basstabarchive.com

The Balanced Pianist presents a variety of short, intensive programs for small
groups of pianists, high school age and above, amateur and professional. In The
Balanced Pianist programs, pianists improve their practice, performance, and
teaching skills while growing to enjoy all these activities more. The goal of
programs is removing tension in practice and performance through good musicianship,
healthy movement and positive mental attitude, removing tension in teaching through
use of learning styles, and general wellbeing. The web site has information about
Taubman technique, Dunn & Dunn Learning Styles, about what constitutes a healthy
approach to practice, performance, and teaching, and the curriculum of programs.
Programs will be held this season in Long Island, Chicago, and Brisbane, Australia.

Guitar Base: The internet leader in vintage guitar resources and musician education http://www.gbase.com

Leading Australian Violin Maker: Our company is John D. Ferwerda-Leading Australian Violin Maker-172 Auburn Rd, Hawthorn, Vic, Australia, 3131. John Ferwerda's website
includes news articles, products, services, monthly advice for
instruments and stories: http://www.ozramp.net.au/~ferwerda

Six Strings Music Publishing: Publisher and reseller of guitar instruction books for all levels of
students. Guitar chords & accompaniment, riffs, scales, fingerstyle, etc.
Excerpts and many music links included: http://www.sixstringsmusicpub.com

MCCBS: Specilizing in custom violin creations and repair as well as operating a recording studio that produces and distributes tapes and CD's. Home-schooling, manuscripts and editing: http://www.dmi.net/mccbs

Southwest Strings: Fine Stringed instruments and accessories: http://www.swstrings.com

Eckes Classic Violins: Violins and Violas crafted in the style of the masters for the players of the 21st. century. Gregory J. Eckes Violin Maker: http://www.eckesviolins.com

Music: The universal language: http://home.earthlink.net/~bluesman1/

Stafford's Music Madness Site: http://www.usmo.com/~kstaff/

Mel Bay Publications, Inc: Mel Bay has been a part of the American music scene for more than fifty years. Our tradition of publishing quality music, carefully edited and arranged for ease of learning has brought the joy of music to millions of people: http://www.melbay.com

Musician's Exchange: Some good links to health related topics concerning musicians: http://musicians.miningco.com/msub11.htm

Music Books Plus: Whether you are looking for a specific title or just a general area, our online catalog is broken down by category to make finding what you are looking for even easier: http://www.musicbooksplus.com

Musician.com: The musician's ultimate cyberworld destination: http://www.musician.com

Groups and performing artists who were also kind enough to provide us with links

Blistered Fingers- a bluegrass band: http://www.blisteredfingers.com

The "Definitive Farrell & Farrell Web Site"- a band dedication page to 80's Christian pop group Farrell & Farrell: http://www.ccmusic.org/farrell

The Washington Blues Society - http://www.wablues.org

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra - http://www.nzso.co.nz/

Clay Ivory & Barely White- A killer blues band from south Florida: http://www.flinet.com/~band

Record Companies

Blacklight Records: http://www.blacklight.com

Top Secret Records: http://www.humboldt1.com/~etgreen

Broken Records    The Home of Christian Independent Music http://www.gospelcom.net/brokenrecords/

Tegancat Music: is a small record label and studio in Winnipeg, Canada: http://www.tegancat.com

Search Engines

Suite101.com: http://www.suite101.com

Musicstaff.com: Helps find music teachers in your area: http://www.musicstaff.com



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